Wednesday, January 25, 2012

ASQ - Global Voice of Quality

As mentioned in my first post, I have been asked to blog as part of the ASQ Influential Voices of Quality.  Consider it a community of practice, with a wide definition and a global reach.  If you scan down the right hand side blogroll you will see the wide variety of people involved.  The range of folks is HUGE, folks who are independent consultants,or working in academia, or working in government, or just working.  The classification doesn't matter because they all have one thing in common--a passion for quality.

You will also notice that there are bloggers from around the world.  In the past 5 years ASQ has worked very hard to become a GLOBAL voice of quality, not just an AMERICAN voice.  Now, there many international quality organizations. What makes ASQ special?   The members.  I have attended a number of ASQ conferences and events and I look forward to each one because it is always fun to catch up on previous acquaintances.  Most important to me is establishing new friends and contacts and engaging in conversation and dialogue.  Why?  The passion of each member, in my mind, makes it worth the annual membership fee. I broaden my quality experience with each contact.

So, this year I have a challenge.  I work in a government nuclear shipyard.  I work in a 500-person QA department.  A good number of them have ASQ certifications but not the majority.  My job:  to preach the word of quality. How quality is not just non-destructive testing, product receipt inspection, materials testing, process compliance, internal auditing and surveillances, tool calibration.  Quality is reinforcing behaviors for the mechanic on the deckplate to do their task to the best of their ability and not be afraid to make a suggestion or tell a supervisor what is needed to complete the job.  Quality is vast, quality is leadership, quality is you.

If you come to the ASQ Lean and Six Sigma conference next month in Phoenix (Feb 27, 28) I will be talking about what the shipyard is doing to go beyond just checking the block and reinforcing appropriate behaviors that support getting the work done.  In the meantime, read Peter Senge's Fifth Discipline.  Oh, sneak preview of the presentation will be given at the ASQ Section 1128 monthly meeting Feb. 23.

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