Tuesday, January 17, 2012

First Call

Welcome to the journey.  Sit down, hope the seat is comfy.  I prefer a conversation, that is why the TV picture is so poor!  This blog, just like a dialogue, is a work in progress.

Why the title?

  • The majority of Quality Managers are engineers.  I have been accused that I can talk like one.  
  • I work in the Department of Defense as a Master Black Belt.  According to certain Republican presidential candidates, Lean, Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints don't currently exist in government.
  • While doing my Masters in Operations Research I swore to my fellow students that I would never go into Quality
  • Statistics have a logic to it. Try telling that to the majority of undergraduate students that take statistics.
  • I have a LinkedIn account.  I do not do Facebook.
I have a non-traditional view of work.  I work in a heavily regulated organization (Quality Assurance department for a nuclear shipyard) and try to get them to think differently. I question authority.

Even with all that, ASQ asked me to join the second round of their "Influential Voices" blogroll.  Should be interesting.  I will be providing my perspective on the comments from Paul Borawski and his "A View from the Q" blog.  I will also be expounding on some random and not-so-random thoughts from musings on Twitter (@srlean6) and LinkedIn.

So, for a short time, take a load off and muse along with the conversation...but not too long.  Change is definitely a journey.
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