Monday, February 27, 2012

Conference Day 0 - A little pre-work before the opening reception

The ASQ Lean & Six Sigma conference for me starts Sunday at noon and this year was no different.  As a member of the Six Sigma Forum steering committee I was tasked to help setup the booth at noon, followed by a 1:30 - 4:00 pm meeting of the committee catching up on business. Then it is off to the Keynote Speakers reception and other fun activities for the remainder of the evening.

So who are the Six Sigma Forum steering committee?  The present chair is Joe Basala, a Master Black Belt and ASQ Black Belt instructor.  He, along with Elizabeth Keim, an ASQ past president, steering committee member, and Master Black Belt, are the prime drivers for the ASQ Certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt program.  Mike Nichols is also an ASQ past president and Master Black Belt who now works as an instructor for Bank of America. His passion is process management. Rachel Delisle, a Black Belt with KARL STORZ outside Boston, has a passion for voice of the customer stuff and was the prime driver of the February VOC survey to the forum membership.  Jeanine Becker is the ASQ HQ liaison and does a fantastic job of herding us cats.  Rounding out the team is the conference director, Mark Olson from ASQ HQ.  This is Mark's last year as Conference Director and he goes out with a bang, as this year's conference has the largest number of initial signups (600+) in the 12 years it has been running.  Thought I would show a picture of the group.

Two of my favorite are here at the conference as well.  Dave Harry, a Master Black Belt at Rolls Royce in Ohio, and Sean Kent, a government contractor and former colleague of mine when we were instructors at the Navy's Lean Six Sigma College.  I also got to meet Mark Graban, a fellow ASQ Influential Voices blogger, and Karen Martin a conference keynote speaker, who agreed to help out with a podcast.  One of my main jobs at this conference is to create podcasts for the Six Sigma Forum website.  I get to learn a new skill!

That's all for now, more towards the end of the day.
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