Monday, February 13, 2012

Two more weeks...

This weekend in Tidewater Virginia we had our first snowfall. Nothing like what Central Europe received last week and almost all of it has melted, but at least it is a sign that we are in the winter season. I bring it up because in about a week, pitchers and catchers will be reporting to baseball spring training (Go Phillies!) and in two weeks I am heading to Phoenix for ASQ's Lean and Six Sigma Conference.  It is one of my favorite conferences in that the networking opportunities are vast (over 400 have signed up for the event this year) and the topics pique more of my interests.  The resort is not bad either.

This conference I wlil be VERY busy.  I sit on the steering committee for Six Sigma Forum so I get involved in some of their projects but this year I will be heavily involved in the social media aspect of things.  I will be tweeting (@srlean6) and blogging from the conference. For tweeters, follow with hashtag  #LSS12.  I will also be involved in a series of podcasts in which we will be talking to Lean & Six Sigma thought leaders and posing 5 questions to them.  The podcasts will be posted on the ASQ Six Sigma Forum website.  Besides manning the Six Sigma Forum booth now and then I will be speaking in one of the breakout sessions Monday afternoon.  Can you say time management?

If you are attending the conference, come say hello!  If not, you can hear what I really sound like on a future podcast posted on the Six Sigma Forum.  Until next time!
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