Friday, May 11, 2012

The Government/Quality Puzzle: A Response, Part 2

Paul Borawski, not the first time, has “got my dander up” with the May Influential Voices topic on Quality and Government.  Today’s post is a short one with a big link from one of the giants in business thinking, Peter Drucker.  I did learn a cool fact last week about Dr. Drucker.  From the Korean War until 1971, Dr. Drucker was a faculty member at New York University.  From what I can gather he was at NYU at the same time that Dr. Deming and Dr. Juran were also associated with NYU.  You wonder about the potential conversations…
During Vice President Al Gore’s efforts to remake government, Dr. Drucker was asked by the Atlantic magazine to comment on those efforts.   The article is very insightful.  I plan on using it as a basis to develop a thesis that answers the question of what truly is needed to break the cycle of the improvement as a “flavor of the month” to a cultural imperative. Happy reading!
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