Wednesday, May 9, 2012

In Search of: Innovation Methodologies

Ron Ashkenas' latest blog post came across my radar screen and it got me thinking.  Are there innovation strategies and methodologies that are as publicized as Lean, Six Sigma, GE-Work Out, TQM, etc.?

I have been living in the world of continuous improvement strategies and methodologies since late 2005 and have experienced the frustration of these strategies having significant backing from leadership to now just getting lip service.  It's a frustrating world.

Ron's blog, IMO, played a little fast and loose on his conclusions but his point is sound.  You cannot rely just on process improvement strategies alone.  You need the element of innovation to bring in the next new idea and sometimes these are paradigm busters. Case in point--Apple, Facebook, etc.

So, to continue on my Personal Mastery journey I am looking for some help.  What are the current innovation strategies that are working?  Are there innovation strategies?  Please help an intellectual wanderer!
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