Tuesday, May 22, 2012

More about Quality in Government from the ASQ Government Division

Yesterday I received the ASQ Government Division's spring newsletter by mail.  Two excellent articles on why quality success in government cannot be fast.  John Baranzelli stresses systems thinking in his article entitled, "The Wal-Mart Lesson: Why Transformation in Government Takes Time."  Denzil Verardo follows with the same theme in his article entitled, "Taking the 'Long View' is Critical to Success in Government.  Finally, the Government Division chair-elect, Richard Mallory, takes Paul's tack in his article on "The Lost Legacy of Quality in Government" to describe common behaviors that government employees manifest. 

Unfortunately, the newsletter is membership controlled, meaning it is free to download if you are a member of the ASQ Government Division.  If you really want a copy of the newsletter, drop me an email and I will respond back.

Until next time!
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