Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Raleigh QIT - ASQ Futures Study Presentation

Every three years ASQ presents their futures study, an attempt at identifying key forces of change, predicting future paths, and determining future implications for organizations. The 2011 study is the latest version. Mike Nichols, an ASQ past president, gave a presentation on the latest futures study and, through a World Cafe session, allowed the Quality in the Triangle participants an opportunity to provide feedback for future studies.

A full transcript of the session will be posted sometime in the near future on the Raleigh ASQ website.  Some interesting trends.  
  • A concern was the lack of management understanding of the value of quality to the organization. Management and leaders know what it is but don't understand the value of quality and the future implications for the organization.
  • A concern was a lack of employee understanding of their role in the organization. The group felt that an employee's role must be defined for all levels, including the most junior employee.
  • A concern was with the local demand for higher education talent, and a large influx of skilled folks coming into the Raleigh area, there could exist in the future an underemployment of skilled people entering the market in 5 years.
These were the highlights but there was a lot of fruitful discussion on change, what it means for the Raleigh area, and what future things should the quality profession plan for.

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