Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Behind the Scenes of the ASQ Six Sigma Forum

I spent this past weekend in Chicago in a strategic planning meeting for the ASQ Six Sigma Forum.  It is always a hoot getting together with this group; besides working together on projects we generally play well together. 
As the steering committee we are the folks that plan activities for the forum.  The forum began as an electronic subset of ASQ members who have in interest in Six Sigma. Today, the forum has a listed membership of 10,000+ folks.  It has kept that level for the past five or so years. Mike Nichols was the first chair of the forum.  A few years back, Liz Keim took the chair and built the steering committee to execute small projects to support the membership.  Today, Joe Basala is the chair and Jeanine Becker is the HQ liaison and general cat herder for the group.  Mark Olson who used to coordinate and run the annual ASQ Lean and Six Sigma Conference (Phoenix, March 4-5, 2013) and is now working for ASQ Global is a longtime participant.  Rachel Delisle is the incoming chair and we invited Mary Beth Soloy to help us this year and she graciously accepted.
Below is the group doing some brainstorming.  The second photo is staged with Mark Olson taking my place behind the camera.

Some projects that you could see upcoming:
·         Mike Nichols and I are working on a project with the ASQ Learning Institute around Business Process Management.  This is NOT the computer industry version but something that Master Black Belts have to create when dealing with enterprise level application of Six Sigma.  A webinar is in the can and is soon to be published.  Mike has presented this topic as a post-conference seminar at the Lean and Six Sigma Conference the past 3 years.
·         In the next couple of months, Joe has a podcast coming out on Design for Six Sigma. 
·         Liz and I will be exploring ways to better present the tools and templates area of the forum website.  Also check out the website’s new case studies page (thanks Mark and Jeanine).
·         Rachel and Mary Beth are working on Voice of the Customer (VOC) issues and, with Mark Olson’s help, we look to expand that exploration into the global membership.  For example, we are planning a “Global VOC Focus Group” for just the non-US/Canadian attendees to the 2013 conference.
·         Another 2013 conference teaser.  See Joe and Rachel facilitate a “speed networking” session.
·         The forum has a travelling exhibit booth.  You saw it as background for Raleigh ASQ’s Quality in the Triangle seminar this past May.  The booth will make an appearance next month at the Coast Guard’s Human Performance Technology workshop in Hampton, VA as well as the annual ASQ Service Quality conference in Baltimore this October.  Of course, it will be setup for the 2013 Phoenix conference AND we will be showing it at the 2013 ASQ World Conference in Indianapolis.  If you have a workshop and you are interested in advertising the Forum or ASQ let us know.
It was a full weekend, with a full agenda of discussed topics sprinkled with a lot of laughs.  We have a large number of ideas that are on our “waiting to do” list so if you have a passion for promoting Six Sigma we can use all the help we can get with our projects.  If you want to help, drop me a line.   
Until next time!
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