Monday, November 26, 2012

Celebrating World Quality Month - First day of the DBG Quality & Business Excellence Conference

Just a quick post before I head out to dinner. Today was the first day of the ASQ/Dubai Quality Group's (DBG) Quality and Business Excellence Conference.  Great speakers and great questions from the audience.  The audience was really engaged.

After opening comments from Saleh Janeeh, DBG Chairman and John Fowler, ASQ Global Managing Director, Dr. Ahmed Albanna, CEO of Dubarch and past DBG chairman gave us an historical perspective of the conference.

Keynote speaker Stephen Hacker talked Producing Transformation Results in Organizations which set the stage nicely for my later comments on making sure your next organization's change management strategy does not become a "flavor of the month."

Ahmed Bahrozyan, CEO. Licensing Authority for the region's Road and Transportation Authority (RTA) talked about the need for integrating the services that he provides into the everyday aspect of their customers and the other emirates. RTA acts as emirati version of the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV).  One product that RTA provides is license plate auctions.  People bid on what they want put on their license plates!

Just before lunch we heard from Dino Varkey, Group Executive Director for GEMS Education, a for-profit provider of K-12 education in numerous countries.  His presentation pointed out that education is a growth market.  There are almost a billion souls worldwide who are illiterate or do not have access to quality education.  Current public-funded education systems cannot support the demand. GEMS has been particular in how they grow, concentrating first on ensuring quality teachers to provide the necessary product.

After lunch we heard from Dr. Rajiini Ashok, an internist and Quality Director for the local Zulekha  Healthcare Group.  Her presentation was on the challenges of fitting the right doctor with the right qualifications, something that the healthcare industry call privileging.  It is their way of starting the discussion of ensuring quality healthcare for patients.

Finally, Sunil Thawani, the ASQ Country Councilor for UAE, spoke about human side of service quality and the need to understand the challenges when faced working with humans.

Two more photos from my jaunts around town the last two days.  First, a shout out to my Canadian friends. In Dubai, advertising "wraps" are a popular item, especially for store fronts.  So it makes me wonder how much this wrap cost Tim Horton's.

Lastly, I was walking down the street and saw a Harley guy get off his bike in full leathers and park his bike. Yes, there is a Harley dealership in town.  Been told that Harley's are rare during the work week but watch out on the weekend!  Until next time.

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