Sunday, November 25, 2012

Celebrating World Quality Month in Dubai: Day 1 Travelblog

To my friends back in the USA, good morning.  I am 9 hours ahead of my friends on the East Coast and it is a sunny, hazy, afternoon in Dubai.  Below is the view from my room at the H Hotel, looking east.  I thought the bottom picture of the traffic circle would be interesting for those traffic engineers and flow minded lean types who may be reading.

A number of firsts for me on this trip.  My first 14 hour commercial flight, more comfortable than my last really long flight (about almost 30 years ago, flying Space A in the belly of a C141 from Okinawa to Guam while on midtour leave).  First time in Dubai and my first introduction to John Fowler, the managing director for ASQ Global.   We are due to meet with everyone tonight to go over particulars for the next two days.  I am in the "enviable" position of speaking just before lunch. Lots of pressure not to go long.

Took a stroll up Sheikh Zayed Road to do a little sightseeing.  Got a picture of Burj Khalifa, currently the world's tallest building.  Some of you may have seen it in action as it was prominent actor in the lastest Mission Impossible movie.

We also took a taxi to the Burj Al Arab, the Sail Hotel.  Could not get into the grounds because we needed a reservation so we took a picture from outside the grounds.  Yeah, that's me telling Mark Olson to get on with it...

Wish I could spend a little more time to explore the city.  It is huge!  It is also one week away from celebrating the 41st anniversary of the union of the emirates. Lots of festivities happening especially next weekend.  Lots of Emirates flags and bunting out on many buildings.  I thought their logo was pretty cool.

More tomorrow from the conference.  I leave you with one last photo.   saw this building and it struck me that it would be a great picture to celebrate Mark Graban's Lean Meme stuff so for those Six Sigma folks out there I caption this picture as "Lost in Translation."  

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