Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Celebrating World Quality Month - Wrap up of the DQG Conference

I had FUN!  I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Dubai; the worst part was the long ride to get there but once there it was a great experience.  Besides the hospitality from the Dubai Quality Group staff it was a conference with great speakers, a great audience asking perceptive questions in an environment of relaxed professionalism.  DQG should be proud of the product that they are producing every year and I hope I can come back and experience it again. 

Day 2 of the Conference kicked off with Ron Atkinson talking about change and culture and how it has such an impact on how an organization moves forward.  His primary theme of being a leader and not sitting back and waiting for something to happen was supported later by the panel session composed of Ron, Stephen Hacker, and Saleh Janeeh, current chairman of DQG.  The panel was smoothly moderated by Liz Keim, who gave a lucid presentation on Lean for Service Industries. 

 In between, Ron and Liz' presentation was Steve Bailey.  Another former past president of ASQ, Steve talked about the historical of cultural aspects of the DuPont and their quality journey from the 1950's forward.  Steve explained how each major program has supported and enhanced how DuPont has grown over the years. 

Just before lunch Kavita Chakravartty gave a case study on customer satisfaction based on her experiences as Head of Loyalty programs for Apparel FZCO.  Following Kavita was Chef Colin Campbell of Abela & Co., a major provider of prepared foods in the region. He discussed how Abela & Co is using the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM) model to sustain excellence in their organization. 
Marla Hacker, Dean of Academic Programs at Oregon State-Cascades concluded the conference with a presentation on producing a global foundation of excellence in education.

The conference was attended by over 160 folks from around the Arabian region.  Besides the United States, there were also participants from Europe. Almost all the presentations will be made available to the public on  the DQG website.  The DQG has done a marvelous job of growing this conference.  If you have an interest in attending a global quality conference this is one that should be put on your list. 

Until next time!
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