Saturday, December 29, 2012

2012 Curious Cat Management Review Carnival-Part 4

Good rainy morning in the Hampton Roads area.  Slow day today in working on a hobby with my Dad (rebuilding vintage computers) and maybe getting my son off the Xbox and getting him interested in what is inside the platform he is playing.  Needless to say, I am the computer fixer in the family, even with a 14 and 21 year old in the house.

Last blog on the docket is from a James Madison University professor currently living in Charlottesville (and I thought I had a commute!).  Nicole Radziwill is a new ASQ Fellow and a fellow ASQ Influential Voice. Her blog, Quality and Innovation, is a fascinating landscape of quality, the R statistical programming language and fire dancing.  It is often an intellectually fun read.

Let's start with the personal.  If you have read a lot of my past blog posts you often see that I comment on the importance of behavior in successful improvement.  Personal behavior is paramount, especially from a leader.  Nicole's July post combines her interest in spiritual beliefs of the American Indian and Deming and how it relates to our ability to be successful. Great stuff!

For me, good bloggers challenge my paradigm.  One blog post that continues to do this is Nicole's November post on questioning whether Deming's 14 points are still valid.  My answer, Hell yes they are; all of them!  Nicole has a different perspective and some of her answers give me pause.  It makes me realize about what I have learned from Senge and to appreciate other's perspectives.  We are both right in our mind's eye.  A great topic for future discussion.  

My personal favorite is her October post on the misinformation as waste.  Integrity, in my opinion, is an important characteristic of quality professionals.  Without it, our ability to influence, mentor, and guide people looking for solutions is diminished. Which is the primary reason why anyone who becomes a member of ASQ signs a code of ethics statement.  As Quality professionals our reputation is closely tied to our ability to be successful.  

The reason I stick to the quality community is the wide range of members that are involved.  I have yet to find someone who doesn't have an interesting tale to tell or problem to solve.  Additionally, they are very willing to sit and talk about their issue or life in general.  It makes a very interesting and informed network.  The blogs that I have reviewed over the past few days are just an indicator of the wide and varied nature of quality professionals who commit their time to blog about their insights, ideas, and issues.  I wish you good journey in finding new blogs to read and explore.  If you find an interesting one, please drop me a line.  I am always interested in a new experience.

Happy New Year!
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