Monday, May 6, 2013

2013 ASQ World Conference Blog Post #1

Finishing up on Monday afternoon and it's time to get a blog post out. To get a sense of the exhibit hall and current work environment, this is the view in front of me from the back end of the ASQ Automotive Division booth.

 To the left of us is Chuck Underwood in the Team and Workplace Excellence Forum booth. Say hi Chuck!

It has been a great conference so far, lots of activity and meeting a bunch of new friends.   The big takeaway so far for me is the Innovation Interest Group.  Through Michelle Mason I was able to sit down with some of the group members: Peter Merrill, Jane Keathley, Kevin Posey, and John Latham. Great conversation over adult beverages and lots of laughter.  I am developing a future post on innovation so stay tuned.  Additionally, supporting the Wednesday closing keynote speaker Sally Hogshead, the Innovation Interest Group has a questionnaire to determine what type of innovator you are.  I took the survey and found out I am a creator; the source of great ideas but not necessarily the one that insures it gets implemented.  Strongly recommend visiting the booth. Here are Tracy Owens, Jane, and Kevin from the group showing off!

The opening keynote was Dan Pink.  One of the best leadership talks that I have heard.  If you follow my twitter feed, @srlean6 with hashtag #WCQI13, you will get the gist of the talk.  In short, there are 3 components of motivation: autonomy, mastery, and purpose.  Give people enough information to work on their own, provide the necessary tools for them to achieve personal excellence and continue to explain why their efforts are important to the collective.  Dan left us with a challenge to ask two less how questions and ask two more why questions. 

I FINALLY caught up with Karen Martin, the midday keynote, in order to do a podcast.  We have been trying to catch up ever since she spoke at the 2012 ASQ Lean and Six Sigma Conference.  It took us a while to find a quiet place but I think we have a great podcast for you. Give a listen here.

The final thing tonight before I go out and visit the hospitality suites put on by some of the divisions, ASQ has a recognition reception that I will be attending.  It is an opportunity for ASQ to thank all those important volunteers who do a lot of project work that support the initiatives that members are requesting. 

One more blog post tomorrow. I do have a mission and that is to meet fellow ASQ Influential Voice Dan Zrymiak.  I always enjoy his blog and I want to swap ideas.  If you are at the conference and see Dan, please ask him to come to the Six Sigma Forum booth.  

 Will try to get more pics for you. If you don't know by now, Elias Monreal ALWAYS posts his pictures of the sights around the ASQ conferences that he attends.  Go here to view his snaps from the conference.
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