Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Putting a face onto a tragedy

Today, September 17, is very similar to days after mass shootings.  We all try to recover from the tragedy, try to make sense of it, comfort the grieving.  Yesterday was not as catastrophic as the 9/11 tragedy or the USS Cole bombing but for someone working for the Department of the Navy it is very personal when one of the victims is someone that you have worked closely with for the past 9 months.
Kisan Vishnu Pandit’s official title was technical warrant holder for metrology and calibration for NAVSEA. His job was challenging in that he had to work with the rest of the Navy to provide cogent policy, equipment upgrades and financial resources to an enterprise that supports the Navy metrology and calibration world-wide. It is a daunting job to consistently walk a fine line between customer support and communicating enterprise requirements. Sometimes there were verbal battles but Kisan always did his job with grace and patience.  His work impacted the Navy military and civilian community.  He will be missed.
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